The Coalition for Health Funding works to keep our members up to date with the latest information on the budget and appropriations process and to help promote advocacy for public health funding. Use the pages below to find links to some key budget resources. For appropriations resources, click here .

Fiscal Year 2020

President’s Budget Request, FY 2020
President’s Budget Request, FY 2020: Appendix
President’s Budget Request, FY 2020: Analytical Perspectives
President’s Budget Request, FY 2020: Major Savings and Reforms

Congressional Budget Justification: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (listed as "NIRSQ" in NIH)
Congressional Budget Justification: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Congressional Budget Justification: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Congressional Budget Justification: Food and Drug Administration
Congressional Budget Justification: Health Resources and Services Administration
Congressional Budget Justification: National Institutes of Health
Congressional Budget Justification: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Fundamentals of Public Health Funding Presentation Materials:

Speaker biographies
Public Health 101 Presentation (Emily Holubowich, Coalition for Health Funding)
Understanding Appropriations Presentation (Dale Oak, Oak Federal Solutions, LLC)
The Life and Times of an Appropriations Committee Staff Presentation (Nicole Kunko, Deloitte Consulting, LLP)
Discretionary Caps Presentation (Zach Moeller, Third Way)
Fiscal Outlook for the 116th Congress Presentation (Shai Akabas, Bipartisan Policy Center)
Public Health 101 one-pager
Raise the Caps one-pager
Third Way, Executive Summary: Cost Caps and Coverage for All

Related Budget Resources:

Rescissions and Unintended Consequences
Sequester 101
Timeline for the Federal Budget
NDD United Website