The Coalition for Health Funding’s press releases, letters, and testimony are important tools used to communicate our message to Congress, the administration, and the public. The Coalition also hosts public events on relevant and timely policy issues for policymakers and their staff.

08/23/2019 Letter to the Senate Regarding FY 2020 302b Labor-HHS Allocations

07/24/2019 Letter to Congress in Support of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019

06/26/2019 Statement on Emergency Supplemental Funding for Humanitarian Crisis at U.S.-Mexico Border

04/30/2019 Statement on the House Labor-HHS-Education Spending Bill, FY 2020

04/08/2019 Outside Witness Testimony for the Labor-HHS-Education Spending Bill, FY 2020

04/02/2019 Statement on Investing for the People Act

04/01/2019 Letter to Increase 302(b) Allocation for Labor-HHS-Education Spending Bill, FY 2020

03/11/2019 Statement on the President’s Budget Request to Congress, FY 2020

03/08/2019 Statement on Second HHS Transfer to Support Failed Immigration Policy

02/07/2019 Statement on the Harms of Automatic Continuing Resolutions

01/11/2019 Statement on the Impact of the Historic Partial Shutdown