David and I receive [CHF Member Update] daily, and it is a MUST READ! David agrees with me – the CHF dues get me the most ROI of any investment that NAEVR makes during the year. And you may quote me!

“Every year when we are re-upping our membership I remind myself and my bosses that being a part of the Coalition is so valuable and we get so much good information it is equivalent to getting an additional half-time senior appropriations staff on board. For a couple thousand dollars, that is a real value.”

“The e-newsletters from the Coalition for Health Funding are outstanding and provide better information than CQ or other trade publications. I couldn't understand and report on the appropriations process without them.”

“The Coalition for Health Funding is active with the administration and Capitol Hill, coordinates with other coalitions, and provides great email intelligence—hard to imagine what else you could do to help keep us informed!”

“Let me just say that anybody who can make this stuff enjoyable to read…and helpful….and incorporate baseball statistical parallels (go Nats!) that enhance its understandability for sports junkies like me deserves some sort of medal (or at least a free hotdog at a Nats game at some point in the future). Thanks for all you do for member organizations of our size and staff composition to expand our “expertise” and enhance our ability to understand these issues for our members. Our CHF dues are some of the best money we spend every year.”

“I was thinking this morning how much I value your reports. I couldn't understand and report on the appropriations process without them. Thank you for the wonderful information.”

"Excellent update as always. Never a waste of my time to read. Loved the article on patient advocacy and shared with my leadership.”

“I get a ton of e-mail every day, but your updates are ‘must reads.’ Thanks for keeping us focused and informed.”

“Another great update as always! Thanks for reading all this stuff and compiling it for us- well worth the price of membership!”

“Your updates are awesome! Thank you so much for keeping us all ‘in the know.’”

“This is why the Coalition is so incredibly valuable. I am finishing up my morning Zen piece on the 302(b) letter and am plagiarizing the heck out of the FAQs you sent us. Can't tell you how much this helps. It also helps that you are 10 times smarter than I am.”