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Government improves our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. The teachers in our children's classrooms. The roads and bridges on which we drive. The scientists seeking cures for debilitating disease. The safe medications we take and the safe food we eat. The police who patrol our neighborhoods. The air traffic controllers who ensure we arrive at our destinations, safely. These core government services and more are under attack in the name of deficit reduction. If Congress can't work together to stop deep cuts--aka "sequester" or "sequestration"--millions of jobs will be lost, and core services upon which we all rely will be eliminated.
It's time to hold our lawmakers accountable. We need to let them know that the only way to balance the budget is through a balanced approach--they can't and shouldn't do it by cutting essential jobs and services alone! We've prepared these tools to help you engage in this historic debate and make your voice heard.

Sample Tweets and Tips for December 10 NDDay of Action!

VIDEO: Deficit Reduction & You: What It's About, Why You Should Care, & What You Can Do About It
This brief video will help you talk the talk of fiscal policy and walk the walk as a citizen advocate.

Sequestration FAQs
All you need to know about deficit reduction and sequestration.

FLYER: Think Before You Cut!
Get people thinking! Hand this out to friends, colleagues, and fellow citizens

Tips for Town Hall Meetings
Your Members of Congress hold meetings back home to hear from you. Learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Tips for Press Events
Want to showcase your organization's efforts to advance the debate? Follow these tips.
Tips for Writing Letter to Editor, with Sample Letter

Sample Op Ed

Tips for Social Media, with Sample Tweets

Fact Sheet: Do the Math: Avoid Sequestration with Balanced Approach; No New Cuts to NDD